Market Study
Global Tile Market. 2018 Trends and Insights
Technologies, trends, and insights that will change the industry of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in 2018 – Firsthand
50 interviews
With the leaders of the global ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles industry.
Read an example of our interview with a representative of one of the largest suppliers of ceramic tiles in Europe – VitrA Tiles.
Issues on the agenda

Why is the U.S. market dictating new trends?
Should a successful manufacturer have its own retail store?
What are Chinese producers doing to turn around the current sales slump?
Why are Ukrainian tiles such a hit in the U.S.?
Will Chinese porcelain tiles take over the global market?
How did Latin America become a successful supplier of raw materials?
Why will the new technologies in the industry be Hindu?
What will spur demand in Europe?
How do local producers successfully compete with Italian producers in premium segments?
The death of the mid-segment: Why only the economy and premium segments will remain?
Growth in production of large tile formats: who will buy it?
For market leaders
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This report includes data on key global producers of
ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, including:

Mohawk Industires, SCG Group, Lamosa, RAK, Ceramica Carmenlo Fior, Grupo Fragnani, Grupo Cedasa, Pamesa, Kajaria, Rovese, Saudi Ceramics, Dynasty, Kale Group, Mulia, Lasselsberger, White Horse, H&R Johnson, Vitromex, Arwana Citramulia, Celima (Trebol Group), Portobello, Ceramic Industries, Corona, Interkeramic, Roca, Marco Polo, VitrA Tiles, DongPeng
deep-dive interviews with CEOs, CMOs and lead technologists of key players in the ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles market
10 years
of experience in the ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles industry. During this period IndexBox has been a speaker in more than 10 industry conferences
market reports on the ceramic tile and porcelain tile industry have been completed by IndexBox specialists
IndexBox took part in over 10 industry conferences and forums
Global Tile Market.
2018 Trends & Insights

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